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Good reasons to buy a property in Southern Italy

For many people, buying a property in Italy is like a dream, and they are not so wrong except for the fact that nowadays, is easier than ever having the possibility to turn this dream into a reality.

Next, you will find a list of aspects to consider the South of Italy as your first option for retirement, or just to have the chance to move abroad and enjoy while you are in Smartworking.


Cheaper than Spain and Portugal, even cheaper than the north of the country. The southern regions are ideal for those who love the sea and sun. Here are many bargain properties to be found (and GRUPPO FIDAM can help you to acquire yours). This region is blessed with a long coastline, beaches of an insane beauty, lovely villages and some exceptional countryside,

Plus, Southern Italy is the cheapest area in Italy to buy a home.


In Italy, the mildest weather is in southern regions, like Sicily, Calabria and Puglia. In fact, Southern Italy is characterized by the typical Mediterranean climate (mild and rainy winters and hot and dry summers).

This is great news for those looking for a year marked by every season and the beauty each one of them brings.

Healthy Lifestyle.

It’s easy to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle, away from the temptations of all the processed food, fast food, the city chaos and work stress.

The Italian weather gives you more opportunities to get outside and enjoy. You can go for walks, cycle and enjoy relaxing activities in connection with nature.

Also, supermarkets in Southern Italy have a big selection of high quality products. You can find fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cheeses, ham, and more. Everything offered in very reasonable prices.


Those who plan to retire in Italy have the possibility of doing that under specific conditions imposed by the government, among which applying for an elective residence visa. It is also useful to know that the conditions for those interested in retiring in Italy are relatively easy compared to other countries.

For instance, Sicily is one of the best places to retire in Italy due to the fact that it has some of the lowest living costs available in the country, so it can be the ideal location for people who are not necessarily high net worth, but who want to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.

Moving to Sicily could save you a lot of money in tax and not just when you buy your new home. A new tax scheme introduced by the Italian government in 2019 means that foreign (or Italian) retirees in receipt of a pension could be eligible for a 7% flat-rate tax on all their foreign income (including foreign based pensions) for the first six years of being resident in Sicily, or other southern Italian regions in need of an economic boost.

Accesible and functional healthcare system.

The Italian healthcare is excellent and affordable for everyone. The country's public hospitals have a good service and even expats can easily get access to doctors, specialists and dentists,

So, if after reading this positive points you feel your heart telling you to go for the adventure of moving abroad, and you think South of Italy is your place, you can contacts us and we will help you to find the ideal property for you according to your needs and desires.

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