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5 reasons you will love Southern Italy.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Every year thousands of tourists go to visit the beauty of the "Bel Paese" (poetic way to refer to Italy). It is not surprising, as Italy has a very rich culture, beautiful architecture and wonderful views from north to south.

However, the truth is the southern area of ​​the country is not as visited as its counterpart, which we could consider a beginners mistake, because... this is where most of the authenticity of Italy is found.

Don't underestimate the beauty, richness and wonder that can be found here.

Bova, Calabria.

Next, we will mention 5 reasons why you are going to fall in love with southern Italy... although this list falls short.

1. The Food (il cibo)

Swordfish panino at Scilla. Picture via Pinterest (vita su Marte)

As we all know, Italian cuisine is one of the most famous (and delicious) in the world. In Southern Italy, you can find high quality food, with an incomparable flavor and here is the best part: at very affordable prices. The variety goes beyond the famous pizzas. In the southern region, especially in Calabria, there is a huge variety of sea food, the local specialty is the swordfish. It's worth a try.

Buying food here brings many benefits. For lower prices than in the United States, for example, you can find fruits, vegetables and meat of optimal quality, very fresh, and basically available anywhere nearby your home. After some time frequenting your nearest "frutivendolo" (fruit seller) he or she will probably become your friend and offer you the freshest products.

2. Spectacular views.

Taormina, Sicily. Picture via

One of the most worthwhile things during a visit to Italy are the views. As one travels through the south of Italy, one can marvel at the sunset over the blue sea, the imposing mountains that touch the sky, the small or large villages that climb down until they touch the sea... views that will take your breath away.

You can even find active volcanoes like the famous Etna, which sometimes impresses with bright red lava pouring down from its highest point.

3. Slow life. Just chill.

In several European countries and especially in Italy, people take things easy. The rhythm of life is calm and there is a balance between the time dedicated to work and the time dedicated to rest. In fact, in Italy it is mandatory that workers take at least 4 weeks of vacation per year.

Picture Via Pinterest.

This balance can be seen reflected in everyday life, it will probably seem strange to you that many businesses close between 2 and 4 pm, because during this break, the employees go home to eat and spend time with the family.

Therefore, if you are looking to relax, slow down, enjoy life, and prioritize your mental and physical health, the South of Italy is the place for you.

"Dolce far Niente" Is this sensation when you sit at a bar in an Italian village while you drink coffee and watch the passerby. Time slows and for half a second you admire life in its simplicity...and you only want to smile.

4. Friendly people.

Picture via

I think everyone knows how nice and friendly Italians can be. Especially in the South, people are sociable and take a genuine interest in anyone who can identify as "non-local".

It is true that many people in the South do not speak English, especially adults. But, a reality is that they always put an effort to understand and try to establish communication.

Do not be surprised if one day your neighbor invites you to dinner at her house, southern Italians love to show affection through food. So, you can consider yourself "part of the community".

5. Cost of Living.

Picture via Pinterest.

Probably many people do not imagine it, but the prices in the south of Italy are really affordable. An espresso can cost between 0.80 and 1 Euro, a dinner out from 10 Euro per person, and the freshest fruits and vegetables for little money.

This is the advantage of acquiring a property and starting a life in Southern Italy, it can cost up to a third of what it would cost in the north.

It is possible to have a quiet life, quality food, many options of places to visit, quality services, and being part of an open community for an affordable price that is totally worth paying.

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